The Chicago Glider Club was formed in 1953, as evidenced by this announcement that our local historian Simine Short found in the National Soaring Museum in 1998.

As described in the announcement (see text below the illustration), CGC was formed by a small group of members from the Chicagoland Glider Council, which had already been in existence since 1937.



The Chicago Glider Club is not to be confused with the Chicagoland Glider Council. It is composed of members of the Council who wish to actively participate in the flying of gliders Those who are now activating the organization are as follows: 

	Mr. and Mrs. James Ducy			Julian Hall
	Cyril Rogers				Millard Wells
	Bob Mouroski				Allen Schultz
	Joe Trefney				George Ott
	Richard Hawker				Sue Yager
	Pat Heraeg				Bernie Mossberg

The Club has been formed around a Schweitzer TG3 owned by Bob Mouroski and Joe Trefney. The Chicagoland Glider Council and the Chicago Glider Club both wish to extend their gratitude to both of these men for making this ship available to them. 

The purpose of this Club is to encourage the art of soaring flight in the Chicagoland area. The Council is most pleased with the interest and enthusiasm with which this new venture has been met. If this Club is as successful as it promises to be, other gliders will undoubtedly be made available under this plan for all those who wish to fly them.